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Page history last edited by Professor Wayne Hayes 7 years, 8 months ago

Sustainability Graphic Organizer Assignment

Bulletin Board for ENST209


The first part of ENST209 culminates with your assignment of a sustainability graphic organizer that indicates your grasp of the core concepts of World Sustainability. Follow the trail in the first set of readings, take notes, and ponder how best to respond. Fill in the boxes in the graphic organizer with focused, short answers and provide a thoughtful one-page response to the three brief paragraphs  responding to an essay question posed at the bottom of the downloaded document. We ask you to elaborate on what you have learned about sustainability thus far in ENST209.


We have found the sustainability graphic organizer revealing and a good indicator of how well you are learning the course material. 


The sustainability graphic organizer can be downloaded here: sustainability_graphic_organizer.


Please send your sustainability graphic organizer as an attachment to our dedicated email: enst209@gmail.com. This assignment counts 12 points, eight for the organizer and four for the short essays. This assignment is due by the start of class on October 7. 


Some tips:

  1.  Be sharp and concise in filling in the boxes. Try to transcend the obvious such as  "sustainability is like recycling" -- sustainability goes way beyond the parochial and let us know that you understand this.
  2. I will be looking for the depth and the clarity of your understanding, so demonstrate your insight and study. We can't guess what you have in mind but must respond to what you send to us. Make it count. Be thoughtful. Be sharp and crisp.
  3. Imagine if we distributed this assignment randomly in the Ramapo College cafeteria. Does your response look like that which I would get without the study of the first week of the course? If so, go back to work. Time on task will be obvious.
  4. Show that you can handle the content of the course. We need to reward learning, not simply giving me what you think we want to get or your fixed ideas acquired before beginning ENST209. 


The sustainability graphic organizer assignment carries 12 points. Make this a personally meaningful exercise.


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