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Page history last edited by Professor Wayne Hayes 9 years, 6 months ago

Bulletin Board for World Sustainability, Fall 2014

Professor Wayne Hayes, Ph.D.

Edition #12: 11/30/2014

If you have not submitted yourCourse Enrichment Component, please do soon. The assignment was due last week.


Our agenda for class on December 2 is: 

  1. Announcements and attendance; overview of CCI 
  2. Discussion of the Course Enrichment Component
  3. Brown's presentation on World on the Edge
  4. Course evaluation
  5. Break and consultation 
  6.  Professor Hayes's overview of World on the Edge Part III, Response 
  7. Discussion of upcoming multiple-choice exam and final take-home essay
  8. Adjournment 


Edition #11: 11/21/2014

The Course Enrichment Component is due by class time on Tuesday, November 25. Our agenda for November 25 is:

  1. Announcements and attendance; overview of CCI 
  2. Discussion of the Course Enrichment Component
  3. Speth article from November 18 schedule
  4. Story of Solutions
  5. Break
  6. Begin Brown, World on the Edge, The Response: Plan B 
  7. Video: Renewable Energy; discussion of Atlantic Wind Connection
  8. Brown, continued
  9. Closing World Sustainability: Tips and Traps 
  10. Adjournment 


Edition #10: 11/13/2014

The course schedule has been modified. Our agenda for class on November 18 is:

  1. Announcements and attendance
  2. Short film on Bhutan's emphasis on Gross National Happiness. 
  3. McKibben PowerPoint presentation
  4. Break
  5. Speth article: "Three Paths Into the Future" 
  6. Video from Compression Institute
  7. Discussion of Course Enrichment Component
  8. The latest on Paul Rosolie: Eaten Alive on the Discovery Channel  
  9. Adjournment 


Edition #9: 10/26/2014

Our agenda for class on November 4 is:

  1. Announcements and attendance
  2. Paul Hawkin speech and video
  3. Video: Story of Stuff
  4. Break
  5. We will follow Ramapo alum Paul Rosolie into the Amazon and view the video on his bookThe Mother of GodPaul knows snakes
  6. Bill McKibben, Deep Economy: introductory video and PowerPoint presentation
  7. Discussion of Course Enrichment Component
  8. Adjournment 


Edition #9: 10/26/2014

The agenda for our class of October 28 is:

  1. Announcements
  2. Malala's story
  3. Statement of Concern and discussion
  4. Return and review mid-term exam 
  5. Break
  6. DVD: The Economics of Happiness  
  7. Essay for Part II of World Sustainability
  8. Adjournment 


Edition #8: 10/20/2014

We will discuss the next part of the course as indicated in the course schedule. After a short break, we will hold the mid-term exam.


Edition #7: 10/14/2014

The agenda for our class of 10/14/2014 follows the schedule:

  1. Announcements
  2. Roster 
  3. Brown slide show
  4. Professor Hayes presentation on Brown Parts I and II
  5. Statement of Concern 
  6. Break
  7. Malala
  8. Preparation for exam next week


Edition #6: 10/2/2014

Our agenda for our class of October 7 is consistent with our course schedule:

  1. Announcements and business of the class
  2. Roster
  3. Review of learning goal #1: understanding the concept and context of sustainability 
  4. Introduction of learning goal #2: the global crisis
  5. Introduction to Lester Brown and World on the Edge
  6. Break
  7. Video of Lester Brown, World on the Edge  
  8. Discussion of World on the Edge to page 55, including the Introduction
  9. Hayes, A Statement of Concern  
  10. Discussion of format of mid-term exam, including essay questions
  11. Next week and adjournment. 


Edition #5: 9/25/2014

Our agenda for our class of September 30 is:

  1. Announcements and business of the class
  2. Roster
  3. Conclude discussion of Banking on Disaster and Anthropocene
  4. Limits to Growth
  5. Break
  6. The Brundtland Commission Report: definition and elaboration of sustainable development
  7. Conclude Part I of World Sustainability: origins and meaning of sustainability
  8. Set up global crisis and Brown, World on the Edge  
  9. Adjournment 

Look to the class schedule for specification of the assignments.


Please examine these recent articles of interest to World Sustainability:

  1. President Obama declines to sign statement of policy on climate change, despite recent climate change marches.
  2. Peru has arrested suspects in the murdering of four anti-logging activists in the Amazon. 


Edition #4: 9/23/2014

Meghan Dransfield, a student in my Environmental Internship, works with the Mahwah Environmental Volunteer Organization (MEVO). She is organizing a fall trash clean-up to take illegal dumping out of Stag Hill.


If you wish to participate in a fine Course Enrichment Component project, meet at the Ramapough Lunaape Community Center at 189 Stag Hill Road, Mahwah, NJ, on Saturday, September 27th 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.


See the description at the MEVO Facebook page.


Edition #3.1: 9/18/2014

As we discussed in class on September 16, the format of the final exam has changed out of respect for religious holydays. The final exam will be divided into two equal parts, each counting 20 points toward your final grade: a multiple-choice exam administered in class on December 9 and a take-home essay that will be due on December 16. The essay question will be provided well in advance to help guide your study.


This change has been reflected in the course schedule.


The agenda for our class on September 23 is:

  1. Announcement, business of the course, attendance
  2. Conclude remarks on the Anthropocene and related readings
  3. Film: Banking on Disaster
  4. Role playing game and discussion of Banking on Disaster in the context of World Sustainability
  5. A brief word on Ecological Ethics 
  6. Next week and adjournment. 

Meghan Dransfield, my student in the Environmental Internship and Ecology, Economics and Ethics, has asked me to announce that students are welcome to participate in the Stag Hill cleanup. See the Fackbook page


Edition #2: 9/15/24

The agenda for our class of September 16 is:

  1. Announcements, roster check, index cards
  2. Business of the course, such as World on the Edge; holydays; climate change march, explained in the recent video. Disruption.
  3. Review syllabus, schedule, Bulletin Board, and Course Enrichment Component
  4. Discussion of Home, viewed last week 
  5. Break and consultation
  6. We will review in class the seminal article by Steffen, Will & Paul J. Crutzen & John R. McNeill. 2007: The Anthropocene: Are Humans Now Overwhelming the Great Forces of Nature?, Ambio v36n8 (December 2007): 614-621. 
  7. We will briefly discuss the articles listed for September 16 in the course schedule.
  8. Next week. 


Edition #1: 9/4/2014

Welcome to the Bulletin Board for the fall 2014 offering of World Sustainability by Professor Wayne Hayes. 


This course meets on Tuesday evening in the ASB-136 lecture hall from 6:00 P.M. until until 9:15 P.M. Please examine the course syllabus and the course schedule, both of which are available online. The Bulletin Board will be updated frequently, so drop by often.


Our agenda for our first class, September 9 is:

  1. Introductions, roster check
  2. Review of essential course material: syllabus, schedule, and this Bulletin Board; 
  3. Q. and A.: How to do well here.
  4. Break and consultation
  5. We will view the online video Home. The text of the script is available for your perusal.

  6. Next week's assignment. 







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